Cedar Grove Township, NJ Low Income Housing

Find low income apartments in Cedar Grove Township, New Jersey along with non profit organizations that help with low income housing needs.

We have listed the low income / affordable apartments in Cedar Grove Township, NJ.Properties include HUD low income housing, public housing offered by housing authorities along with non profit organizations that help with low income housing needs.

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For the most part, HUD listings are income based apartment rentals.You cannot earn more than the income limit on these properties.We list all information on our details pages along with information whether they are family apartments, disabled or senior apartments.

Active Listings In Cedar Grove Township, NJ

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Cedar Grove Senior Citizen

Cedar Grove Senior Citizen

100 Cedar Ridge Dr
Cedar Grove Township, NJ - 07009
(973) 857-2290

Cedar Grove provides affordable housing to low income Seniors. The complex is made up of subsidized housing under the federal Section 8 program with 134 units, which are for the elderly and disabled residents. HUD provides vouchers for elderly, low-income or disabled renters on the private market.&nclick here to view full description

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