Housing Authority of the County of Kern

601 - 24th Street
Bakersfield, CA - 93301


(661) 631-8500

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The Housing Authority is an independent, local government agency providing safe, affordable housing to thousands of Kern County residents through special programs serving families, individuals, senior citizens, Veterans, the disabled, homeless persons, farm workers and emancipated foster youth.

In addition to meeting the housing needs of over 15,000 low income Kern County residents, the Housing Authority partners with other local agencies to help residents become self-sufficient. The Authority is an active developer of affordable housing, acquiring and building housing to help meet the affordable housing needs in Kern County.

Section 8 is a rent subsidy program, whereby low-income residents of Kern County are awarded vouchers, enabling them to obtain housing in the private sector. The Agency contracts with landlords to subsidize the participants' rents. The housing must meet HUD Housing Quality Standards for the Housing Authority to enter into a Housing Assistance Payment contract with the landlord. The subsidy is the difference between 30% of tenant income and the Section 8 Payment Standard amount for Kern County.

Low-income Public Housing (LIPH)

This federally-funded Program is administered at twelve (12) housing complexes, owned and operated by the Agency. Rents are based on 30% of the tenant's monthly net adjusted income or ceiling rents, based on the size of the unit - whichever is less. Families must pay a minimum of $50.00 for rent each month. There is a total of 899 LIPH units in Kern County.

Applications for Low Income Public Housing may be obtained at the Central Office in the Applications Department at 601-24th Street, Bakersfield, CA 93301 or at your local project office. For the location of a development near you, see Locations. All completed applications must be returned to the Applications Department in the Central Office either by mail or delivered personally. All eligibility interviews will be conducted at the Central Office in Bakersfield.

Low-income Public Housing: Locations
* Rio Vista
18 MacArthur Place, Bakersfield, CA 93308
Manager: Maria Leal, 661-392-7125
71 Units, 1-4 bedrooms

* Adelante Vista
1104 South Robinson St., Bakersfield, CA 93307
Manager: Marie Everett-Alaniz, 661-324-3088
142 Units, 1-4 bedrooms

* Valle Vista
327 Dover Pl., Delano, CA 93215
Manager: Victoria Lopez, 661-725-9676
62 Units, 1-4 bedrooms

* Monte Vista
701 Meyer St., Arvin, CA 93203
Manager: Felicia Lane, 661-854-0520
50 Units, 1-4 bedrooms

* Little Village
714 Smith St., Bakersfield, CA 93307
Manager: Hattie Glenn, 661-831-4248
155 Units, 1-4 bedrooms

* Terra Vista
300 Terra Vista, Shafter, CA 93263
Manager: Maria Corpuz, 661-746-2583
35 Units, bedrooms 1-4

* Plaza Towers and Annex
3015 Wilson Rd., Bakersfield, CA 93304
Manager: Mary Alice Lopez, 661-832-3206
200 Units, Studios and 1 bedroom

* Parkview
701 Meyer St., Arvin, CA 93203
Manager: Felicia Lane, 661-854-0520
28 Units, 1 bedroom

* Homer Harrison
1910 Garces Hwy., Delano, CA 93215
Manager: Hannah Ortega, 661-725-6369
50 Units, 2-4 bedrooms

* Haciendas del Sol
701 Meyer St., Arvin, CA 93203
Manager: Felicia Lane, 661-854-0520
36 Single family homes, 2-4 bedrooms

* Milagro del Valle
106 -11th St., McFarland, CA 93250
Manager: Rosalia Herrera, 661-792-1614
46 Single family homes, 2-4 bedrooms

* Maganda Park
312 S. Austin St., Delano, CA 93215
Manager: Rosalia Herrera, 661-721-8865
20 Single family homes, 2-4 bedrooms


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Housing Authority of the County of Kern Rent Rates

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Housing Authority of the County of Kern Rental Rates As Posted By Users And Research
Date Added Cost Term Type
May 5, 2017 $890 Income Based 2 bdrm
Jul 25, 2016 $750 Income Based 2 bdrm

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