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Amanda  Linskey

Women in need of help after leaving abusive husband

Request created on 2018-01-16 01:23:31

Help Amanda of ,

Hi, my name is Amanda I’m currently just getting out of a three year abusive marriage. I finally worked up enough strength to actually leave, only to find out financially I’m completely ruined. I went back to school this year after having multiple surgeries and I will have to drop out at this rate. My husband left me with no money, no food and behind a 3 months on rent. I have sold every procession I had just to keep a roof over my head, but unfortunately it’s not even close to enough. I know if I could get caught up on rent then I could begin to fix myself. He has caused an emmense amount of damage to me mentally and physically. All I ever wanted to do was better myself, go to school and begin an actual career not just bartending and waiting tables. I’m facing eviction in a few days and I don’t know how to stop it. I’m too far behind to get caught up alone without any help. I would be forever grateful if you could look into your heart and help. Anything would be amazing and would help me out of this depression. It’s hard to even leave bed knowing no matter what you do you will not get caught up. I sometimes think was it worth leaving him if I’m only going to end up on the street. I have daughter out any kind of help, but there isn’t much help for battered women without children. Anything help at all would be godsend

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