Low Income Housing

Stephanie Maitri

Survivor Struggling To Become Stable

Request created on 2018-01-17 20:32:38

Help Stephanie of Maryville, MO

After leaving my abusive family when I was 15 and couch surfing over 36 houses, I was able to obtain a scholarship to a 4 year university. 7 years later, because I was no longer a student at the university, I could no longer work and lost my 3 jobs that kept me in a healthy living stable environment. I choose to study Video Production because I had brain surgery when I was 13 and lost 13 years of memory, with a camera, I can capture not only my memories, but the worlds. The past year I have been living on couches and in my car because employment in my industry is hard to get your foot in the door. I received a job offer in KC, MO last week but I am on a couch 2 hours away. I just need help to be able to rent a room or very minimal studio to help get on my feet and hopefully finally become stable. My goal in life is to remind the world what true love is through community work and my mission to share stories in life. God Bless

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