About Low Income Housing

Finding affordable housing has become a priority in this economy. There are many resources available to people on the Internet that they just might not know about. That is why we have put together our low income housing listings service.

We provide phone numbers, maps, address, pictures, and emails where we find them. We recommend that you call the apartments directly for faster service. Many of these apartments do not have any openings and you need to speak to apartment staff for possibilities of being put on a waiting list or other recommendations. Use the email address as a last resort as we find that many of the apartments do not frequently check their emails.

Our service is all free and hopefully can help people in need of low income housing find a safe, clean, affordable place to live.

Prices On The Website - We display prices on the website where we can. Most of the time we cannot due to rental rates being based on Income. Many of these rates are income based. You will need to call the rental office to see what your rate would be.

Contacting US:
Please use the form below to contact us. If you have any changes/updates to a listing, please be as specific as possible providing the listing name, address, city, state, zip, phone number. We have many listings with the same and/or similar names. We cannot make changes without the information being detailed.

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