More Low Income Apartments Offering Child Day Care

More Low Income Apartments Offering Child Day Care

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Child Care for most working parents is one of the highest priced monthly bills. It can cost thousands of dollars monthly. For the past few years parents have had to make the decision to have 1 parent stay at home to care for the child as their salaries are close to child care costs. We have all heard of the stay at home fathers for at least a dozen years now.

We have found that more and more low income housing apartments are now offering child day care services. This is relieving the straing for working parents, not to mention how it is helping single mothers in need of cost savings.

A great example of how child care and low income housing coincide is the Watsonville California Affordable Housing Development Via Del Mar. Via Del Mar is not a large low income housing apartment. They limited it in size to have more of a home atmosphere. There are only 40 apartments. The amenities include a child care facility for 32 children. This has proven to be a great assett to the families residing at Via Del Mar.

More apartments are currently being build and converted nationwide as Housing Authorities are seeing the need and the desire to provide for families in their jurisdictions.

You can view our apartment listing for Via Del Mar Here. To find more child care centers visit

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