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Can federal prisoners just released from prison get help with low income housing


I am a 71 yr. old senior living at Barclay Senior Village. When my husband and I moved in here, we were led to believe it was a Senior Village{no kids or youngsters}. We have more young people here than old. It should not be listed as a Senior Village. Also the toilets and hot water aren't up to date. I have lived here longer than a year and have yet to get a hot shower. You also have to flush the toilets 3 and 4 times to use. We tell management but there is nothing they can do. Any suggestions?

Why are so many people being evicted by HUD? Rampant drug use/dealing is the answer. After the evictions this will be a nicer place to live. Utah Non Profit Housing has known about this for years but has done nothing. UNPHC does nothing to help its tenants; many which are disabled. UNPMC, who runs the place, has the empathy of a chain-link fence topped with 3 strands of barbed wire.

I was approved by are you still awake Housing Authority for low-income about 2 weeks ago and I wanted to know I'm homeless and living in my car could I qualify to get housing quicker or do I just would like to know stay on the waiting list

thank you for serving the poor and needy

Dear Manager, What is the monthly rent for someone who is over 55 and living on a fixed low income?

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