Housing Assistance For Families

Housing Assistance For Families

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Public Housing

HUDs main housing assistance for families is the Public Housing Program.

Public housing is available for qualified low income families, seniors, or disabled. There are about 1.2 million public housing households in the US. HUD administers these programs.

1. Annual Income.
2. Qualifications: Family, Senior, Disabled.
3. US citizen or eligible immigrant status.

The Annual Income Limits are set by HUD. The lower income limits set by HUD are at 80% and very low income limits are 50% of the median income of the county or metro area where you live in. You can easily Google these limits based on your income.

LowIncomeHousing.us lists all of the local Housing Authorities where you can apply for Public Housing.

How is Public Housing rent determined. The rent is based on your families anticipated gross annual income less any deductions. Then depending on your low income or very low income rate, that number is multiplied by the percentage you are assigned by HUD.

Rent Assistance

Other types of housing assistance for families is rental assistance.

There are 2 main types of rent assistance.
1. HUD Housing Choice Vouchers as described above. Government grants that provide lower rates for rentals.
2. Local and National Non Profits such as Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army which assist the needy with help towards their rent when they are going through a crisis. We have found many of these programs and list them through LowIncomeHousing.us on the right navigational section of the website from the city low income housing pages.

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I am looking for a low income house for myself and my sister ..we are both seniors in ssi/disability and are 65 and 67 years old, in the Hesperia or Oak Hills area in the high desert in California.

I am looking for low income apartments or housing. I live in Jacksonville Florida.

I am a Senior citizen never married. I am stationed at Alameda County in Fremont City California. My need is a single room. Looking basically for a extremely Low income Senior Independent subsidized living. Thank you

I live in Fort Caroline Arms Apt. In DUVAL County. I paid my rent excellent by 5 yrs. I’m disabled, I have 56 yrs. I’m relax people never cause problems in this Community. I need one apartment because I’m rent one room in home other family and paid $400 monthly. Before I paid $197.00 monthly by rent H.U.D.

Looking for low-income housing in Broward County, just relocate with two children and need somewhere to live , but just don't know how to navigate in Florida or how to obtain a housing voucher. Please help!

Need help finding and obtaining affordable housing in Hinesville, Richmond Hill, GA. My situation is quite unbelievable but it has been a struggle. Any help or assistance is greatly appreciated in advance and in the future.

Looking for low income apartments for me and my family new to Lebanon, TN and no place but I do get income.

How do I go about getting an application for Public Housing in the Flathead County area?

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