Housing Assistance For Families

Housing Assistance For Families

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Public Housing

HUDs main housing assistance for families is the Public Housing Program.

Public housing is available for qualified low income families, seniors, or disabled. There are about 1.2 million public housing households in the US. HUD administers these programs.

1. Annual Income.
2. Qualifications: Family, Senior, Disabled.
3. US citizen or eligible immigrant status.

The Annual Income Limits are set by HUD. The lower income limits set by HUD are at 80% and very low income limits are 50% of the median income of the county or metro area where you live in. You can easily Google these limits based on your income.

LowIncomeHousing.us lists all of the local Housing Authorities where you can apply for Public Housing.

How is Public Housing rent determined. The rent is based on your families anticipated gross annual income less any deductions. Then depending on your low income or very low income rate, that number is multiplied by the percentage you are assigned by HUD.

Rent Assistance

Other types of housing assistance for families is rental assistance.

There are 2 main types of rent assistance.
1. HUD Housing Choice Vouchers as described above. Government grants that provide lower rates for rentals.
2. Local and National Non Profits such as Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army which assist the needy with help towards their rent when they are going through a crisis. We have found many of these programs and list them through LowIncomeHousing.us on the right navigational section of the website from the city low income housing pages.

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I am a single mother with three children and I am looking for a 4 bedroom house or apartment for rent in the 77095, 77065, 77469, 77489 or 77084 zip codes. I also need to find out how to get Low Income Housing Grant to help me with this. or get Housing assistance for my family. I was selected back when they had the housing government lotto program but, then they shut it down saying they ran out of funds. Now I find myself not able to find full-time work so, I am working part-time and my son has autism and two little ones. Someone told me about Brazos Bend Apartments and Idelwilde

I have a mother who’s looking for a single home for herself. Base on income in the state of Maryland please.

how can I go about getting an apartment I need one as soon as I can we are in meridian MS 39301, low income housing I need one only get a limited amount of income Monthly so it would have to be low income please and thank you so much for your help and god bless you all and merry Christmas

Hello my name is Beatriz Rojas, my partner and my 2-year-old son were sleeping in the car since we didn't have and we don't have a decent place for my son, who is a special needs child born prematurely with serious chronic illness in his lungs have already been diagnosed with Autism spots with mental learning deficits, several months ago and asked the authority of Los Angeles, such as Long Beach, Santa Monica and other government entities to help me obtain decent housing for my son and to date I have not received any application despite the fact that I sent the application separately informing about my son's disability, now I would like to know if I can go somewhere specific so they can help me, this last time we were in the street almost the service of children of california took my son from me is more we have a follow up by the office of children of california

Im a disabled single mother mof 4 beautiful daughters my youngest id 6 years old we've bern living with family for the last year or so been looking for a place of our own waiting list are years in the making there has to be something income based available in san Diego somewhere so that we may be close to my adult daughter's where we can get the much needed assistance.

Clarice O

Searching for low income home for family and son with Autism

Reply Nov 29, 2019 Clarice O

Section 8 voucher recipient waitted 10 years disabled for voucher and now cant find housing. I have a clean scan dmv good local references good credit non smoker clean life style. My voucher covers a 1 bedroom. Can you pls let me know if you have a voucher. Volunteer for Santa cruz. Thanks!

Hi I'm a single disabled female and am about to be homeless. Everyone that's supposed to help with this sort of thing sends me to someone else who can't help me. I'm on disability so my income is reliable but limited. I need to find a program or place that can help me please. I can pay my way but it must be low income based housing of some kind. I will be homeless on the 1rst of December 2019. I'm not looking for handouts or freebies only help in the right direction. I pray someone can help me and the many others in need as well. I'm in the East Texas area.

I am in desperate need for a low income apartment. i have a 7 and 8 year old girls and my mother an elderly women. Any in Miami Dade or Broward. any help is appreciated as we are at the borderline of homelessness.

my wife and i have a child due in December and only one of us is working a job so we dont have enough money for a regular apartment and need help! so we can give our baby girl a stable place to live when she gets here. we are currently living in flower mound with her parents and are looking to move to the lewisville area

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