Housing Assistance For Families

Housing Assistance For Families

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Public Housing

HUDs main housing assistance for families is the Public Housing Program.

Public housing is available for qualified low income families, seniors, or disabled. There are about 1.2 million public housing households in the US. HUD administers these programs.

1. Annual Income.
2. Qualifications: Family, Senior, Disabled.
3. US citizen or eligible immigrant status.

The Annual Income Limits are set by HUD. The lower income limits set by HUD are at 80% and very low income limits are 50% of the median income of the county or metro area where you live in. You can easily Google these limits based on your income.

LowIncomeHousing.us lists all of the local Housing Authorities where you can apply for Public Housing.

How is Public Housing rent determined. The rent is based on your families anticipated gross annual income less any deductions. Then depending on your low income or very low income rate, that number is multiplied by the percentage you are assigned by HUD.

Rent Assistance

Other types of housing assistance for families is rental assistance.

There are 2 main types of rent assistance.
1. HUD Housing Choice Vouchers as described above. Government grants that provide lower rates for rentals.
2. Local and National Non Profits such as Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army which assist the needy with help towards their rent when they are going through a crisis. We have found many of these programs and list them through LowIncomeHousing.us on the right navigational section of the website from the city low income housing pages.

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The Texas Homeless Network has told me to contact you for information on getting help for my family who has been struggling to find a stable home we can afford and keep forever. My daughter and I have been struggling for months to get into affordable housing. We have had to move for lack of sustainable income to pay our rent and utilities. We have lived in our current home since December 24th without water and are now without lights due to the landlord turning them off. Because we weren't able to catch our rent up fast enough. My daughter just recently started working and I only have my SSI to give. I have been our only means of support for months and I just could not get it caught up in time. My daughter recently started working and has started giving the landlord 100$ weekly. But he still wants us out. We are putting our things in a small storage a friend has. But we are now having to ask people to stay the night with not many people willing to help. We have to move out. And my grandson is 7 and in school. He is always our 1st priority so I make sure he gets to go with my other daughter with her own place to be ok and taken care of. But she is able to keep him on and of so she is not faced with lease violation's . We know there are so many who need help also and we are going to have to wait. But I cannot give up and will continue to desperately keep my family together. Please let me know if you can help in any way at all. God bless and thank you for your help. Frances G Harkema

I'm trying to get HUD housing or something like that but I don't know what to do

Good evening I am a single mother of eight kids and currently staying in a shelter..I been here for eight months and its time to get out of here. I am lost do to the fact i had section 8 and lost it do to no fault of my own. One of the staff here and one of the staffs at the section 8 office felled to do there job. I really don't know what to do right now but to ask for help and start over. If you can help me in any way my kids and I will be overly graceful. I suffer from any mental illness and its getting bad do to the over stress of what has happen if you could please give me a call or email me. Have a blessed day


are any low income housing in midlothia, Texas area?

Reply Feb 12, 2020 michelle

are there low income housing in columbia heights if so how much is it and where are they located?

My name is Maritza Stancil. I receive disability. I am 60 years old. I have been on Section 8 for 8 years and Baltimore Regional Housing for 5 years. I have not receive any help from either program. It's a damn mess. I am in need of a place asap


Hi I signed up with Section 8 low housing subsidizing housing the go by my income I was wondering when will I receive my apartment

Hi I have a family of 5 and I wanted to see where I can get help to apply for section 8?

I am looking for a low income apartment or a small two berm lower rent private apartment. I am a Dad with two little boys. Mom skipped, I am only working part-time because of needing a place to stay. When she skipped she took all of or money and never paid the rent, now we are out and not doing so good. Can anyone help me and the boys? I need to stay in Saint Croix Falls Area for my work. Please let me know asap. I any have a paycheck coming this week and I am hoping to at least find a place that will take us and I can get the rest of the money from programs and family. Please. we will take even a small place, we just need someplace where we can be together. I can't loose my boys. They can share the bed and the floor for me. She walked out and I am not going to let her come back in our lives when she put us where we are at and didn't care then. I am not going to allow her to take my boys away from me when I am always been here for them she has not. Please help me , my little ones are two 1/2 and one 1/2 I have never left them but she has numerous times and begs to come back until she steals from us and gets us in trouble we can't get out of it because we don't have anymore money she took everything from us. Please help. Anything will help us to get a new place. The apartment rent and damage deposit and a place. All will help me and the boys but we need a place that we can get into right away. We are clean and good people, the boys are good they say please and thank you and love playing together.. We do not make very much noise. Please help me, please. I don't want to loose my boys because she got us kicked out! Thank you and God Bless.



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