Orchard Crossing Apartments

Orchard Crossing Apartments

651 E Travis Blvd
Fairfield, CA - 94533


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Charming, quiet and a wonderful pet-friendly community. Orchard Crossing Apartments of sunny Fairfield, CA is a friendly, gated, one hundred unit complex with easy access to shopping, public transportation and schools.


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User questions & answers


  • Sep 13, 2017

    I have an update on this location. The address is correct. The description is correct. The photos are correct. The hours are correct. Excellent community. The neighbors are so helpful and friendly. Another plus is this complex is pet friendly-not many are. The grounds are kept tidy and maintenance is top notch. I can tell there are people here that really care!

  • Sep 8, 2017

    I have a comment I live here or have lived here in the past. There was no waiting list. The staff was unfriendly.This housing location is pet friendly. I did not feel safe. My experience was terrible. Worst of my life. Heads up....(This complex is under new management as of August 2017) RE Garbage: The dumpsters are always overflowing because it is not picked up everyday. This attracts homeless people looking for cans and such so use caution if you dump your garbage at night: some people startle easily. This complex is on a boiler system. It's very old, leaks and goes out ALL the time. It is not unusual for it to stop working and you ONLY have cold water. This happens at least 2X a year over an average of 4 days of no hot water. If it leaks, which it does regulary, the water is shut off. Sometimes without notice--much of the folks here just go with the flow. This also impacts the Laundry Room. The Boilers can't produce enough hot water for it and the tenants so your result is cool to luke warm water to wash your clothes in. Wiring is as old as the building. High power appliances short out-especially microwaves. Complex Lighting: The complex is well lit if nothing goes wrong. Power outages over the entire complex happen (averaging) on a bimonthly basis. There is no back up generator. Unfortunately, when outages occur the entire complex lighting systems timer completely malfunctions. It can take weeks to get the lighting back in order so get your flashlights when the sun goes down. Pipes: Okay, these pipes are from the 70's. They are very narrow unlike the modern pipes in apartments today. Clogs happen ALL the time. Four units are attached together are so it's not uncommon to have your neighbors sewage drop into your sink, toilet, or bathtub. Pet friendly: This is great, except in the warmer months. When the weather warms up there is a really bad insect problem:Flies, and they are huge. This happens because there is no designated place for the pets to "Do their business" so they do it everywhere. Management says they have a 'strict' pet policy but I have seen a longtime resident walking their pitbull (they have been here more than 5 years), so you may want to ask. Be sure to pay on time-no exceptions! There is a tenant portal to pay online but there can be problems with getting in. Another way to pay is to go directly to an office in Richmond. The problem is, that isn't always open the hours it says it is. Tenants have gone there to pay and it was closed they still get an automatic get a $50 late fee. PLEASE don't ignore that late fee, though because it will be followed up with a 3-day notice to move. This can happen even if the mistake was on the complex's part and it's not always easy to clear up. The Security Gate: Sorry, not so secure. Management props it open when it stops working or when they don't feel like buzzing someone in. We are on E. Travis Blvd so some scary individuals wonder in. There is no security here so tenant have to be vigilant about calling the police. This place is supposed to be affordable housing but I don't think it is. Rent on some of the most fragile of this long time community was raised up to $300 for some of the elderly and disabled who will now be displaced. I won't be staying here anymore...such a shame.

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Safe yea. Family friendly maybe not.
Added Friday, September 21, 2018





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Orchard Crossing Apartments Rental Rates As Posted By Users And Research
Date Added Cost Term Type
Sep 21, 2018 $1,550.00 per month 2 bdrm
Aug 23, 2017 $1,100.00 Housing Choice Voucher 1 bdrm
Aug 12, 2016 $800.00 Housing Choice Voucher 1 bdrm
May 5, 2016 $200.00 per month 1 bdrm
Mar 25, 2016 $500.00 per month 1 bdrm
Feb 11, 2016 $400.00 per month 1 bdrm
Feb 5, 2016 $900.00 per month 2 bdrm
Jan 5, 2016 $200.00 per month Studio
Nov 20, 2015 $400.00 1 bdrm

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