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Crystal Graham

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Request created on 2018-03-08 22:29:21

Help Crystal of Cocoa Beach, FL

Our Home was condemned due to Hurricane Irma, we have been staying in hotels while we find a new home. There are 8 in our family 6 kids 14yrs-10m and 2 adults. My husband was laid off from his job due to chronic illness, and I am on disability. We will be homeless as of March 11,2018 and have not been able to find an affordable home for our large family. Anything would help at this point. We would like to be able to stay at hotel while we work with local agencies to secure housing so any donations that can help us do this would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

Donations to Crystal Graham go directly to Crystal and are not made to LowIncomeHousing in any way. Low Income Housing is meerly a mediator between donators and people in need. Donate at your own risk.
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