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Mickey Needs Help

Mickey Needs Help

need out of DV situation please

I have been in a domestic violence relationship for too long that it is effecting my 2 young children now!!! I have no family to help I work full time but I cant manage to get the money to move out on my own. I need help with finding q place and what..
Help Mickey

Gloria Needs Help

Gloria Needs Help

Hello im 35 was recently released from encarceration after 3 years i have 2 children and am a single parent i would really appreciate some assistence geting back on my feet anything would help i am em

I would appreciate assistance for many reasons i want to have a home of my own and not stay with friends or family anymore and have stability for my children and myself aslo when i am stable enough i want to to further my education. Im trying to get ..
Help Gloria

Chelsea Needs Help

Chelsea Needs Help

Disabled Veteran and family need a home

My husband is a disabled veteran and we are currently living with family but need a home of our own. We are starting over and pretty much have nothing to our name. Please, help this U. S. Army Veteran and his family...
Help Chelsea

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