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Jessy  Needs Help

Jessy Needs Help

Single, low income, recent suicide attempt survivor

Two months ago I had a suicide attempt. I overdosed on a lot of pills and was in Hershey hospital for two weeks on the verge of liver failure. Since then I have Been in out and impatient therapy. I have a lot of depression and have had issues with lo..
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Jerica Needs Help

Jerica Needs Help

Struggling 18YO Needs An Apartment

I recently moved out of my family house, this past summer, because i was getting Emotionally and verbally abused. I graduated high school with a 3.4 GPA and had a steady job. My hours got cut then I eventually got layed off. I participated in JROTC,..
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COLLEEN Needs Help

COLLEEN Needs Help

Single mom needs help

Been living in motel for almost a year. My grandfather passed away and didnt have anywhere else to go because it was winter. I have a 7 month old. I cant afford to live in a motel anymore, I dont have a car, I need a 2 bedroom income based apartment ..

Arpine Needs Help

Arpine Needs Help

Single mom with 2 kids and elderly mother.

Hi, I’m going through divorce due to domestic violence. We lived in shelters last year and finally got our own apartment. Due to new location and searching for work, I’m having a trouble to pay rent and am very close to go back to shelter again...
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Retired Vet lost everything within 3 months.

Where to begin last year on November 12 2017 my father in law passed away then December 12 2017 my mother in law followed her husband shortly after that my husband lost his job my husband a very proud retired army veteran lost his father and mother t..

Theresa  Needs Help

Theresa Needs Help

Fire victim update

We are still looking for help, my daughter and I. It’s extremely had with a two day job and no help living in a state with no family near. It is going to be the cold weather soon and still out of an apartment. I still continually call shelters and ..
Help Theresa

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