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Allyson  Needs Help

Single mom with 4 kids and living in vehicle

I am currently a single mom who was kicked out of our home. I have 4 young children ages 11, 7, 5, and 4 weeks old. I am looking for work after coming off of maternity leave after a high risk pregnancy. We are living in our vehicle and bounce around ..

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Lucia Needs Help

Single mom working part time looking for 1st place

I’m a single mom currently working a part time job. I’ve lived with my parents all my life, and lately things here have been a bit difficult. I decided to start looking for my own place for my son and myself but sadly my credit score is pretty lo..

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Kira Needs Help

1 income couple starting a family needs a place to live

We are a newly married couple with 1 income. We are struggling to find a safe place to live and start our family. Medical expenses, auto loan, and credit card debt have made it impossible to get an apartment. Prescriptions are $400 a month between us..

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Nicole  Needs Help

Single mother of 1

I’m 22 with a 3 year old daughter . My situation got hard when my daughter father and I separated.. his family doesn’t speak to me at all so I don’t really get any kind of support from them . Even though I know I shouldn’t but at least some s..

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Julie Needs Help

Please help my family!!!!!!!!!!

we just moved to Wenatchee washington and was told we would have a place and it didnt happen we are currently living in a strangers house with one month free but by the end of this month if we dont have 800 were out on the streets we have a 3 year o..

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JACKIE Needs Help

Divorced not by choice, seeking a home immediatlely, its cold out here....

Mother and grandmother seeking a new home marrige of 33 years gone, looking for immediate housing (homeless) Ive never experience this and its breaking my heart, GOD bless anyone that can help, My kids are grown, and they have theyre own families, pl..

24 Properties
Alexis Needs Help

Young disabled couple with our ???? looking for small house under 500 a month

My name is alexis im 24 y/o disabled female i moved to tennessee with my girlfriend danii in febuary we totaled my ???? and was homeless until we found a low income apartment, our lease is about to be up and the rent is going we have to move ve..

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