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Amanda Needs Help

Im a single mom of 5 struggling

Im a single mom of 5 an til I can get child care for my 3 youngest children. Ive applied for housing an ive been working with a lady at a homeless shelter an have applied for every program I could I do get assistance from the state so once I could ge..

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Debra  Needs Help

Disabled need a apartment

I am disabled, I have a heart condition and I had to give up working. In need of an apartment, I’m homeless. Any help is truly appreciated. ..

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Melissa Needs Help

Single mom in need of apartment

Single mother of 8 year old boy currently living sofa to sofa looking for full time work. Was renting from family but there was an unfortunate situation that lead to being put out. Im desperate to get back on my feet anything helps ..

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Tabatha Needs Help

Family in need of immediate housing

Last year our lives fell apart. My son after a few years of counseling, admitted to feeling suicidal. I quit my job to be here for him because that is what he needed and at the same time, my ex stopped helping me support our kids. Shortly after, my f..

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Stephanie  Needs Help

Single mom with 5 kids been living in a hotel just want a house I work it’s just hard to get a house with a low credit score.

I been living in a hotel with 5 kids for 1yr and 7 months. My credit landed me here. I’m working on my credit now so I can provide a stable home for my family times get hard I hate asking anyone for help. I guess that’s why I have stayed longer t..

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Jasmine Needs Help

36wks Pregnant domestic abuse survivor

I am a single mom 36 wks pregnant & homeless living in a shelter. Im a domestic abuse survivor in need of housing relocation for baby and me asap also baby items...

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Shane Needs Help

Struggling family need help avoiding eviction or new home

I was recently layed off work for no good reason. I am collecting unemployment benefits currently but they arent enough to take care of family of four and pay my bills. I have fallen behind and now face eviction. I am reaching out to any one who can ..

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Dishona Needs Help

Battered Woman Needs a new Fresh Start!!

I am new to North Myrtle Beach and need a car or SUV to drive myself to doctor appointments , I have a blood clot disorder and suffer from PTSD from being a victim and battered Woman of Domestic Violence and need this blessing I been through a lot an..

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jacquelyn Needs Help

hi im a single mom im 19 with a 3 year old with one on the way and still going to school and working and im needing apartment

hi im a single mom im 19 with a 3 year old with one on the way and still going to school and working and im needing apartment after i have my second child ill be kick out im working and trying to finish high school ..

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Cayanna Needs Help

Help a divorced mom get home to her family

My name is cayanna I’m from red bank South Carolina and I’m currently in Louisiana. My husband and I divorced after he made me loose our child to a miscarriage... I have a 4 year old and now a one year old... I’m trying to get back home to Sout..

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Stephanie Needs Help

Single mom needs an apartment

Hi I am a single mother and I’ve hit a rough spot in my life and can’t seem to make ends meet , I’ve been caregiving and doing hair for a while now but I got done very unfairly by the man I took care of and wasn’t compensated for any of the w..

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