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Kaleema Needs Help

Looking for a place to live

Hi I recently just left a apartment that was under violations with the City Hall.The landlord moved me in a damage apartment as I only lived there in 2 months.Long story I had Section 8.The Apartment passed inspection with Section 8 only because I kn..

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Deirdre Needs Help

Mother/Daughter in need of financial help, and housing

Mother who lost her job, car and home within 2mos. Car was impounded for running out of gas, lost job and fell behind in bills and lost house. Currently homeless with daughter. No family support and dealing with P.T.S.D and D.I.D. Shelters are full a..

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Jennifer Needs Help


Me and my husband had to give our two girls who are 6 and 1 to my sister to take care of until we are able to get a place. We are currently homeless living in our car. I work and my husband is seeking work. We want our family back together. If you ca..

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Iyana Needs Help

Single mom with a deadline

I’m a single parent with a 1 month old daughter currently living with my mother , Me and my mom have been arguing and she’s stated that she needs and wants me out of her house being that I just had a baby I been out of work and it’s more than h..

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constance Needs Help

Disabled single mother needs apartment

Im a 32 year od disabled single mother. I am on disability recieving 700 a month. Im searching for some place i can rent that i can afford. Asap...

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Jessica Needs Help


I am a mother of two girls 11 and 6 and I live with my mother. Just got back from work and she advised me that I have 23 days to get out of her home. Please help any little bit helps. Pay it forward and tomorrow it’ll be me. I have Faith and Hope t..

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Kassidy Needs Help

Single parent with one daughter who lives with me. We currently have been living in Chateau Deville and it just keeps getting worse. They cover up mold white paint and we have had someone open our win

I do not feel safe in this place. The fact that someone opened a locked window scared me because what if I wasn’t awake and he couldn’t have hurt my daughters. The manager is so unprofessional and could care less about fixes the problems in your..

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Clara Needs Help

I am a single woman that is disabled and needs a safe place to live.I receive less than 700.00 a month from SSI benefits and cannot afford to pay full rent for it leaves me nothing to pay bills or pro

I could really use a place to live that i can afford,I receive less than 700.00 from SSI and cannot afford to pay full rent for after paying the rent and bills I have nothing left for everyday basic needs.I am 50 yrs old and a survivor of domestic v..

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Nikita Needs Help

Single mom with a 1year old and new born

Im beaing kicked out of my home due to the office loosing my money order i was on paternity leave when they took my payment for tgat month told me they put it towards the previouse month cuz they didnt receive it iv ben appealing the judgment of the ..

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Heather Needs Help

Single Mom Unable to Make ends meet

27 yr old Single mom with two school aged children. Currently living with my parents. The environment in this home is not healthy for children. Constant fighting and derogatory language used around my children. It’s almost impossible to get a good..

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Nicandra Needs Help

Disabled Vet Seeking Affordable Housing

Hi. My name is Nikki and I have been living in my current complex for about 3 years. I was able to work and keep up with the rent increases but now I am no longer working and unable to keep up. I only receive income once a month from disability. I am..

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