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Linda Needs Help

Disabled senior needs transportation

I am a 65 year old disabled grandmother who is in need of transportation. I always have Dr appointments to go to and frequently have to reschedule because I have no way to get there. If I need to go to the grocery store or anywhere else I always have..

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Blair Needs Help

Pregnant and no stable home.

Im 19 years old. I make 7.25 an hour and I cant find a house or apartment in my price range.. Ive looked so many places. My baby is due in 3 months. The cheapest apartments nearby are $500 a month and i cant afford that.. Can anyone just help me look..

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Tito Needs Help

Disabled veteran needs car

Hello, I am a disabled veteran. I am not working and I get by on a disability check which is not enough. I recently lost my car due to mechanical problems. I need a vehicle to get around. I would only need around 2000 to use as a down payment on a ve..

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ASHLEY Needs Help

College Female needs stability

Hello, My name is Ashley and I am in need of help. I have had a really rough year, bouncing from home to home, shelter to shelter, not being able to find steady work, trusting the wrong people, helping others before myself has left me withoutl. I am ..

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lisa Needs Help

I am 62 years of age

I am 62 my husband passed and he was always the bread winner, I am struggling to survive I also have 2 grandchildren whos mother abandon them, rents are so high i was left in a place that cost 980 in rent and my electric is over 490, Ive always did ..

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