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Victoria Needs Help

Victoria Needs Help

To sick to work cant pay my bills

Recently my health issues have made it hard to work making it very hard for me to pay my bills, rent an still be able to put dinner on the table. I am currently living in a womans shelter an my family is scattered. My dream would to be in a loveing h..
Help Victoria

amanda Needs Help

amanda Needs Help

Need all my family back together!!

Hi! My kids and I are homeless and are all having to stay at different places. I need us back together so they can feel stable. We just left an abusive situation and really need some help to get on my feet! Any help or advice on where I should lo..
Help amanda

Isela  Needs Help

Isela Needs Help

Mom of two under 2 needs a place.

Hi I’m 22 and a mom of two kids under 2. I’m a stay at home mom, in need of a place of our own, we live with my family but it’s too crowded. My boyfriend works but not enough for all 4 of us. We were living with my parents but for personal reas..
Help Isela

Michael Needs Help

Michael Needs Help

Single dad with terminal disease and two sons

We moved to NC in 2013. My wife left me to take care of 3 children on my own. Had to quit my career and found suitable empliyment with my in laws, yes in laws. In 2015 my father in law passed away in a horrific motorcycle accident. I therefore lost m..
Help Michael

Jessica Needs Help

Jessica Needs Help


I am not looking for money, I just need a low income place to live, for me and my son, I only receive 733.00 dollars a month, I have 6 days to move , with no where to go. I could probably use help on security deposit, or if someone know where I coul..
Help Jessica

Jennifer  Needs Help

Jennifer Needs Help

Family torn apart by DCS mom & dad homeless

DCS has torn our family to shreds leaving us homeless & alone. We never wanted our kids away from us & now they are adopting our children out & have said they are taking the one that i am currently carrying. Please stop DCS from doing this to othe..
Help Jennifer

Cindy Needs Help

Cindy Needs Help

I am trying to get my life back and save my son

I messed up in my early life and now trying to save my son. He is going to make same mistakes i did but worse and he is only 15. We are trying to find a safe place to go so we can be together. Please i cant watch my son go thru this. I have put job a..
Help Cindy

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