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Natasha Needs Help

Natasha Needs Help

Homeless mother and 2 children

Hard working mom, very skilled in variety of fields , reliable loyal employee in desperate need of a job. I’ve fallen on really hard times recently, not liking the new gen of employment search via internet. After sleeping in our minivan for 5 days ..
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Kerry Needs Help

Kerry Needs Help

Mother of 4 asking for a Chance

I am a single mother of 4 . I am praying for help me get on my feet. I need a chance II have disabilities I will not give up.I need housing .we will be homeless August 15th. I do not have a vehicle. If anyone can assist me Donations, employment, i..
Help Kerry

Helena  Needs Help

Helena Needs Help

Paralyzed with nowhere to go

I was in a car wreck that left me paralyzed I’m unable to feel anything from below my breast . I have no family or friends helping. I’ve been sleeping in a broken down car. Which is killing my recovery for a chance to live comfortably. I’ve not..
Help Helena

Carrie Needs Help

Carrie Needs Help

New mom in desperate need of help

Hi my name is Carrie I’m gonna be a first time mom I live with family and so to the surprise pregnancy I half to move. I’m with the father he is new to the area and wants a job really bad just don’t have transportation to find him a job and if ..
Help Carrie

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