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Daezhia  Needs Help

Single mother needs apartment for her and disabled child

My 11 month old daughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy last summer and she has several other disabilities and health issues. We are living in a bad and dangerous. situation and need some help. We have been searching for low income apartments for ..

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Natajah Needs Help

Single mom In need of an home

Hi, I’m a single teen mom with a about to be 1 year old in June. We have recently moved from a maternity group home where we was staying but duded to no help with things like child care etc we are now staying with an family member in a different st..

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Kimberly Needs Help

Mom with 3 disabled children Needs help with moving and home funds

I am a mom of 3 disabled children. We are getting out of an abusive situation. We have been verbally abused anf stalked to the point of death threats from ky ex husband. I have been physicaply abused for the last 9 years even after the divorce in 201..

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Bonita Needs Help

Custodian of Grandchildren

I have had custody of my three grandchildren aged 2 and twins ages 1, I have had to live with someone who at first offered to help but spends his time daily harassing me or telling me to get out. I have no transportation other than my mother who is ..

24 Properties
Roxanne Needs Help

Single mom of 3 children under the age of 10

My name is roxanne. I am currenly not employed but looking for a job But things have been so hard for me. I share custody of my kids with the father. I am struggling big time sometimes with little to no food. My car i bought doesnt work. I just need ..

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Jinmarie Needs Help

Family of 5

When i came to look at the house .(Colorado Springs) and spoke to a realtor it turned out it was a scam... I lost all my things and my kids things for this house.. So now my boyfriend, 3 babies and i are "motel" hoping. we are currently getting vouc..

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