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Cynthia Needs Help

Mother of 7 need help with rent

Hi..mother of 7. Husband passed away..really need help...or leads..or some help with housing with rent....

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Briana Needs Help

Single mom needs home for two babies

I am I single mother to 2 babies. I have been struggling so hard trying to make ends meet. I cannot put my sons in childcare because of the extremely high cost. My sons haven’t had a home on their own since being born. We just want to feel save, se..

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Angela Needs Help

Disabled physically and mentally but not spiritually

Yes I am a disabled single mother of to teens with adopted ...I am heading from opened heart surgery...and cancer long with other health conditions..on verge of be homeless..have 3 bedroom vocher everyone stop taking sec 8..HELP ANYTHING...

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Kendrea  Needs Help

Single mom of 2 needing a fair priced home

I am a working single mom of two boys. I have been praying for an affordable home that we can feel comfortable in. I don’t have enough money to qualify for any of the housing that I come across, and I hate asking for help, but I am out of options. ..

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isidora Needs Help

family of 8 needs a 3-4 bedroom

We are a family of 8 on the verge of being homeless . our children are 13,8,7,5,3,1month old whom was recently release from the hospital due to being born premature. My husband has sever asthma . we have been looking and applying for apartments and..

24 Properties
Gretha Needs Help

My family needs your help whatever you can I have a section 8 voucher but owners are asking 3x the deposit and my family need help a single mom of 4

I am a mother of 4 and I have a section 8 voucher and I only have a limited time to find a place me a my children everywhere I apply they are asking 3x deposit and I need your help please...

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