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Melissa Needs Help

Mom of 5 falling on hard times temporarily

Hi my dream is to own my own home and give my kids more space everywhere I try they turn me down because of credit or income or say too many people all I want an opportunity to start fresh with a bigger home on limited income until I get another sour..

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Teresa Needs Help

Family needing a little help.

Family of 3 needing help iam out of work. Let go work was slow spouse doing partime work working all he can work. I been looking a month for a job. Worrie about our 12 year old not having a place to live. Need a little help. Hate asking just need a l..

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Kenneth Needs Help

Single dad of 2 in need of help.

I’m a single dad with 2 kids, I’m disabled and unable to work. I just recently got custody of my kids and now My disability check is nowhere near enough to pay rent/bills where I’m staying. No idea when I can get into a more affordable place ei..

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Lauren Needs Help

Single mom in need of housing

Hello. I am a single mom to a 19 month old boy. I am trying to get out of a very toxic situation with his father but I have no family or friends in the area to stay with. I am finishing school next year and need to stay where I am, and I also need to..

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Megan Needs Help

Disabled woman needs help with rent

I haven’t worked since May 1st, when I worked a half day due to dislocating my hip. I’ve been told to stop working at my current job (FieldWorks), since it involves standing and walking for 7 hours. Even so, I have tried to go back a few times du..

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Ashley Needs Help

Single mom of 3 needs an apartment

I am a single mother of 3 and we just left a very toxic environment. I am getting ready to began school and will soon be working as soon as childcare is set in stone. I have two big dogs and one small, they are all service animals one for me and the ..

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Victoria  Needs Help

Single mom needs an apartment

I’m a single mom with a five year old and was recently laid off from my job. I’m currently looking for a job and am on unemployment for now. I’m currently living in an unstable environment and would like to move my son and me closer to my famil..

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andrea Needs Help

im 60 years old i have cats they are family to me and need a home where we can live

I need money so I can get a place to live in that will except me and my cats, where I am now, at the owners want to sell the property and said I have to go and have till the end of June to find another place, it would take at least 3 rents to get me..

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Sandi Needs Help

I have cancer and need transportation

I have cancer and live where there is no buses, I am without a car and having trouble getting to appointments. I lost my father a year ago and he passed before I knew about my cancer he would of been my biggest supporter and taken me to all appointme..

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Johnny Needs Help

Single dad with 2 kids looking for housing

Just moved back to kannapolis living with dad very temporary need to move asap working with around 1000 a month budget need housing asap money is weekly from child support I do not have upfront funds to move in anywhere me and my two daughters desper..

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Deonne Needs Help

Husband and Wife of 2 small toddlers seeking Safe Shelter

We are borderline homeless. Hardworking couple with 2 small children and 3 we are trying to get custody of. Out home we rent currently had been determined unfit condemned (which we already knew) Black mold and Mildew the kitchen floors have fallen i..

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ANDREA Needs Help

Multiple Scelrosis, I need some help.

Hello, my name is Andrea. Four years ago, I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting Multiple Sclerosis. I had my 1st relapse with it in 2014. I was quite healthy though after it past. I continued to working in the health care full time, pay my bills, ..

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Jessica Needs Help

Family and grandma lost housing

Hi my name is Jessica and there is my fionce and my mother plus our 4 children all under 10 we have a 9, 8,8,5 and our landlord passed away and the house was foreclosed on because of taxes and we are now faced to move I need help finding a big enough..

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Destiny Needs Help

Single mom of 3 babies need housing

Im a single working mom of 3 beautiful babies. We just dont have any luck in finding housing after my domestic violence relationship. We have been staying place to place. Where my 1yr old keep getting sick.. we are really in need of a place of our ow..

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Shana Needs Help

Single mom with 2 kids & 1 on the way

I recently got let out of my lease in Dunwoody because the complex neglected to fix a leak in the pipe inside the wall which caused mold from August when I first started complaining to March when they released me due to me paying to have my Air Quali..

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Asia Needs Help

Mom of 1 needs. Help no place to live

Homeless with two year old son need money to move to a apartment but can’t afford moving expenses. Need assistance I don’t make enough and don’t have a sitter for my son when I have to leave need a place to stay so that my son can have a stable..

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