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Tracy Needs Help

A Place to Live

I am homeless. Me and my brother are basically homeless living from room to room until we get another one. I need a place to live and he does too. I have a developmental disability and a part time job that ends when the kids leave school on june 1..

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Talisha Needs Help

Iliving in my car and I need a home

I have been homeless for over a year now and I have been living in my car. at first I was struggling with finding a job, then I found one but found out the amount I was getting paid was not enough for me to rent an apartment let a lone a room in some..

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Michelle Needs Help

Family about to be homeless

Hi we are the swords family. We have three kids two boys I e girl. We had a pretty good life until the oil field went down. Due too this my husband lost his job and has been with out for about 7 months now. So this means we are beside behindon rent a..

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Shayla  Needs Help

I am a mom of a 8 year old boy who was taken away I need help getting a home so I can get him back

I am a mom of a 8 year old boy who was taken away I need help getting a home so I can get him back ..

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Heather Needs Help

Single mom needs an apartment

I have been living with my brother for about a year and he has become more and more verbally abusive around my daughter. I dont know what to do. We have been splitting rent and now i am doing whatever it takes to get out of here. I cant have her arou..

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Elaine Needs Help

looking for a home for me and my 2 small dogs

i was living in a small studio with my 2 dogs then they sold the property i was living in and hiked up the rent so i had to move now i am temperately living on a couch untill the 1st of june i am have grate renting history i just need a little help ..

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Sabrina  Needs Help

Single Pregnant woman needs housing !!

Got pregnant this year and my emotionally abusive boyfriend immediately left me. We have no contact and he blocked me from social media and my phone number. My family is not supportive and I will be expecting in November but have very little help! I ..

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Abigail Needs Help

Single mom of two, needing an apartment

I am a single mother to a 6 year old boy and a baby on the way. We just got out of an abusive home life and are currently living in a shelter while storing most of our belongings in my car. I would just sell my car but I need it to transport my son t..

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Tierra Needs Help

Single mom looking for income based apartment/housing

A single mom of 2. Having a hard time looking for income-based apartments or any help. Anything would be appreciated, ..

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Brooklyn Needs Help

Single mom needing financial support

My husband left my six month old son and I while I’m also 5 months pregnant I’m needing helping paying my house payments till I can get somewhere cheaper please help anything would be appreciated ..

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Kendra Needs Help

Single mother of 4 needs help for home for kids.

Hello my name is Kendra Kirkwood. I am asking for help for me and my four children. We are desperately looking for an based on income or second chance apartment. I am stuck with a part time job and one of my kids recieve ssi due to graves dieses and ..

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Shavon Needs Help

Hi im a single mother of a 8 month old boy thats been house to house before he was born running from a domestic relationship that i been going threw for years an im tired i have a child i want to live

Hi this will help me get set up in a home for me an my son to get on are feet an dont have to run from house to house anymore or got look over my shoulder from my domestic boyfriend that beat me took anything he want from me even did things to me in ..

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