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Cathy Needs Help

Low income family looking for safe place for our kids

We have miracle twins that are 3 and we live in a bad area. Recently our car died and had to buy a new one and then found out our kids have lead in their system due to the house we were living in. We want to move our family to Ottawa to a safe place ..

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Emra Needs Help

Single mother asking for help to get her and son in a stable home

Me and my son are living with family and friends. Needing and looking for a affordable house or apartment...need help with deposit. I get a monthly income of just 100.00 a month, witch pays for dippers and necessities. I am also looking for a job jus..

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Ana Needs Help

Family kicked out with 2 young sons

To anyone who could help me out, my brother is extremely selfish and is making my parents decide between him or my family (husband and 2 young boys). My parents are on his side and are kicking us out of their house. I literally have no family support..

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Tammy Needs Help

Single mom in need of apartment.

Im a single mom of a 13 yr old boy we recently lost our home and have no place to live. If anyone could find it in there heart to help us we would be eternally grateful. We were in a bad situation that has left us homeless but we continue to keep our..

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Michele Needs Help

Homless and need help

Our in a motel due to our job loss and rental situation we are now homless we lost everything by not according proper storage unit were are a family of 5 and need to find a home to rent thanks to community housing and shelter service for providing f..

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Tonia Needs Help

Need help with deposits

Im trying to move into my own home dued to alot of tragedies I have a minor setback. I need help just to get back on my feet.I need help with my deposits which are rental,lights and water. I need help with getting a little bit of furniture...

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ashley Needs Help

Divorced mom is desperate to find a place

I am a 40 year old mom to 3 and we have no place to go, we have a application on file with all the low income housing and still on the waiting list, I work 2 jobs and cant afford to pay 700 a month in rent and keep the kids with food and clothes, I h..

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Constance  Needs Help

Single Mother on the verge of being homeless

My name is Constance I have two daughters 8 and 19 the 19 yr old attends Saint Kates College full time to become a nurse she lives on campus and comes home on the weekend on Oct 29th 2017 she found her grandmother who is my mother in her room not bre..

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Francine Needs Help

Mother and children need help

Hi my name is Francine im 28 mother of two and im in need of finding a home for me and my family i work part time not enough to get us bye or not enough for a security deposite to put a roof over our heads a little longer we are on the brink of bec..

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Rebecca Needs Help

Husband moved me 2k miles from my home had 2 babies now hes abusive and sleeping with men

My husband moved my 2 oldest children and i out here in 2014 while i was 7 months pregnant. 2k miles from my family and only place i have ever called home im now completely alone. I have 4 kids, 2 belong to him and i was recently diagnosed with multi..

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LISA  Needs Help

Alot of bad luck need a little help please

Hi my name is lisa me and my family have had a lot if bad luck lately we relocated to Jackson hole wy for my husbands job and our van got hit he got relocated down south and along the way out van blew uo and a really nice couple in York be have us on..

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melissa Needs Help

Single mom two kids needs apartment

I have two kids who are 15 and 17, i’ve been living with my parents and my two nephews. it’s a nice house and all, but it’s quite crowded for 7 people. I don’t have good credit but my son does not like to share a room with his two cousins, on..

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Misty Needs Help

Single mother of 3

We just put evetythimg on hold and moved back in with my mother to help her take care of herself for her last few months she has cancer again and keeps having strokes I have 3 kids and only get stamps I need all the help I can get trying to keep us ..

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Elissa Needs Help

Single mom needs home for her 2 children

Hi my name is Elissa. I’m a mom of 2 amazing kids and we are in need of some help. We don’t have a place to call home. Trying to find somewhere to stay, to work and save money for deposits is not working out at all. I have a job, I can afford my..

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Tammy Needs Help

Struggling single mom needs help

Im a single mother of 4. Ive been trying to get back to work after having my last baby and with no luck im extremely lost and looking for help to avoid being evicted from our home. I have been struggling all year to keep this roof over me and my chil..

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Shamara Needs Help

Mom put me and son out for boyfriend

I just help with first payment of rent , or help with a waiting list for social service. I just want my son back . I have him staying with his grandmother because my mom stop helping me with going to work to provide for me and son . Then kick us out ..

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Adriauna Needs Help

Single mom needs apartment

Im a single young mom in need of help finding a reasonable apartment for me and my 2 kids.t takes a lot for me to ask because I have always been on my parents or anyone else just me and my kids.i have a parting job it’s just not enough to pa..

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Ashley Needs Help

Fire Victims Need New Home

My husband and I have 5 children and we lost everything we owned in a fire including our business. It was earlier on 2017 but the struggle continues. We lost our business income having to shut it down. Most of our money went to pay for the hotel, rep..

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