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Lucia Lopez

Single mom working part time looking for 1st place

Request created on 2017-12-29 00:50:38

Help Lucia of Whittier, CA

I’m a single mom currently working a part time job. I’ve lived with my parents all my life, and lately things here have been a bit difficult. I decided to start looking for my own place for my son and myself but sadly my credit score is pretty low even though I’ve never had a credit card. So applying for an apartment with bad credit won’t work. Although I am doing the eat I can to raise my score. I just need some help to get on my feet. I’ve put enough burden on my parents for too long. As I leave my parents home I will also be losing my form of Transportation. So any help I would greatly appreciate. I know it’s so close to the holidays just passing but it’s somthing I have to do. Not just for myself but for my son as well. Thank you in advance May the lord bless you tremendously and replay you in double.

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