Low Income Housing

Deonne Clark

Husband and Wife of 2 small toddlers seeking Safe Shelter

Request created on 2018-05-16 20:37:51

Help Deonne of Panama City, FL

We are borderline homeless. Hardworking couple with 2 small children and 3 we are trying to get custody of. Out home we rent currently had been determined unfit condemned (which we already knew) Black mold and Mildew the kitchen floors have fallen in and all pipes are leaking and causing the floors to sink in. The landlord only collects rent and fixes nothing. My children have become ill from the mold as well as myself. Since we have to move, in the next week, we are seeking a nice home for low income renters, until out place on the waiting list for housing comes available. Moving came suddenly and everywhere is so expensive. We can use all the help, Prayers are included. Helping at-least get the down payment and security deposit or something. Even just for food.

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