Low Income Housing

Sandi Hemley

I have cancer and need transportation

Request created on 2018-05-22 02:43:06

Help Sandi of Belfair, WA

I have cancer and live where there is no buses, I am without a car and having trouble getting to appointments. I lost my father a year ago and he passed before I knew about my cancer he would of been my biggest supporter and taken me to all appointments, so I would be so grateful for any amount that could be donated. It will also take the worry of missing any appointments. I have come a long way and want to be able to keep it up. Thank you

Donations to Sandi Hemley go directly to Sandi and are not made to LowIncomeHousing in any way. Low Income Housing is meerly a mediator between donators and people in need. Donate at your own risk.
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