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Helena  Hammonds

Paralyzed with nowhere to go

Request created on 2018-06-18 01:15:12

Help Helena of Southern Pines, NC

I was in a car wreck that left me paralyzed I’m unable to feel anything from below my breast . I have no family or friends helping. I’ve been sleeping in a broken down car. Which is killing my recovery for a chance to live comfortably. I’ve not been able to wash since February. I’ve been to so many organizations, Companies, family and friends. Just to be told it would be to much to help me. I have a comfort dog to help with my depression. Mostly everyday is hard trying to find quite places to be able to cath myself and even the bowl program. I just need help so I can get my self into something safe and I can reciprocate to my full potential with a life now unable to walk.

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