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Michael Levangie

Single dad with terminal disease and two sons

Request created on 2018-07-09 15:56:36

Help Michael of Angier, NC

We moved to NC in 2013. My wife left me to take care of 3 children on my own. Had to quit my career and found suitable empliyment with my in laws, yes in laws. In 2015 my father in law passed away in a horrific motorcycle accident. I therefore lost my job with him which in turn led to me losing my house. Moved to Durham NC with my significant other at the time... In 2016 August to be exact I was diagnosed with end stage liver disease, transplant needed. We then moved to Spring Hope NC where we lived until June 2018. I paid my rent every month but wasnt good enough aling with orher issues for my now ex. We had to leave abruptly with a few belongings and now staying at my mother in laws to try to get back on our feet. I am on a fixed income through disability of about 912 a month. WE NEED HELP. Ive tried everything, my hands are tied and my children and I deserve to be comfortable in a place to call home.

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