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juli becker

single mother 4th stage melinoma cancer sevivor . Needs a place to call home for my three humble children and I

Request created on 2018-08-13 13:52:55

Help juli of San Diego, CA

Three years ago the most challenging situation has hit my children and i . i was Diagnosed with 5th stage metastatic melanoma in the lyphnods . That has put our family homeless due to prolonged wait for disability. im currently in re,mission and om waiting list everywhere but always seen that a barrier is being put in front of us. Feel lost and have exhausted my resources . If anything I need help finding a nice peaceful place for my children and i to pick up the pieces and start healing from this . My children are so humble and my heart hurts everyday that my children not only almost watched me die but have not had a place to call home in three years as i have limited income and vehicle ., my body recovering from the cancer that almost took my life and i do my best everyday . Im exhausted but pray and wait patiently for God to bless my poor children with a place of there own to call home. that would be the biggest wish i could ever ask for in life . please i will be so humbly grateful for just that i dont want money or sympathy just a place to call home for my children and i to pick up the pieces and heal. Three bedroom preferably but would be grateful for anything

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