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Tamara Williams

Elderly,disabled people need a place to live now!

Request created on 2018-10-19 10:02:47

Help Tamara of Lowell, MA

My husband and I are elderly and disabled. Ourselves and an elderly friend are being thrown out into the street because our Landlord sold the house without telling us. We have a notice to quit for Oct 31, and eviction court will be coming next. We have no where to go! In spite of working with numerous agencies, we have not been able to find any place we can afford on Social Security. We have considered buying a mobile home, but our credit ratings don’t qualify. We will in fact be homeless if we don’t find suitable housing. A shelter is not an option for us because of our numerous health issues and disabilities. No one seems to care! We have been advised to rent an apt short term that we cannot afford until suitable housing becomes available! I cannot believe that in this country, no one has any resources to keep people like us off the street!

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