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Constance  Scott

Single Mother on the verge of being homeless

Request created on 2018-01-16 22:39:43

Help Constance of South St Paul, MN

My name is Constance I have two daughters 8 and 19 the 19 yr old attends Saint Kates College full time to become a nurse she lives on campus and comes home on the weekend on Oct 29th 2017 she found her grandmother who is my mother in her room not breathing after the ambulance tried all efforts we lost my mother unexpectedly in our home we shared together. When my mother passed away my income stopped because the state paid me to take care of her 24/7 through being her PCA. I quit my main job to take care of her full time when her health went bad after a major surgery in Jan of 2016. I cannot afford to keep the house we shared together on my income alone because as of now I have no income it stopped immediately the day she passed away. I am currently looking for employment, we will be homeless as of February 1st due to none payment of rent. I owe rent for Nov,Dec, and Jan in the amount of $5,287.27. I am being taken to court on January 26th 2018 to be evicted from the house. My mother was under the impression she had life insurance when she passed, but after reading the fine print they did not pay out anything because she did not have the policy long enough, the money I did raise and had left from the last pay check I received paid for her funeral services. Anything that you can help with will be greatly appreciated. I do not want to be homeless with my girls. I have all documents to show proof of the passing of my mother as well as the court document if needed for proof of my hardship. Thank you and God Bless you.

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