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Stephanie Larwa

Unsafe home

Request created on 2019-01-01 20:00:27

Help Stephanie of ,

I’m a single mom with three boys ages 2,4 & 5 we found a home June in 2017 recently I’ve discovered black mold in my two year olds rooms. My kids were complaining and getting sick I alerted my landlord but since she is selling the house she wants us out I’m a server and I’m just now signing back in to school for criminal law I don’t make so much money to up and move so shortly with no advance or money since the holidays just passed I want to get my kids out and I hate asking for help but now it’s my kids before my ego I am just looking for a home that doesn’t check credit or that I could have help with the down payment to be able to move into somewhere anything helps right now please and thank you

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