Christine Garner

Help Christine Garner

Amount Requested: $ 1000

Location: Sanford

State: NC

Zip: 27332

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About Christine

Single mom lived with a 4yr old autistic boy and 3 yr old daughter was living with parents ever since children were born. They think Grand-Daddy is their father. Grand-daddy decided he wants to leave and get a divorce so now we all of a sudden have less than 30 days to find someplace to live. Need at least a 3 bedroom home, after my car payment, car insurance and paying for our phone we have $600 to pay for: rent, utilities, gas in car, food, diapers and pediasure (the autistic boy barely eats so he relies on pediasure to get his nutrients) Please if someone can help. We need a place to live and be able to survive. Thank you, even if all you can offer is prayers.

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