Bonita Guy

Help Bonita Guy

Amount Requested: $ 5000

Location: Clearwater

State: FL

Zip: 33759

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About Bonita

I have had custody of my three grandchildren aged 2 and twins ages 1, I have had to live with someone who at first offered to help but spends his time daily harassing me or telling me to get out. I have no transportation other than my mother who is happy to help when she can but is retired and only has SS as income. I receive assistance of 500.00 a month which helps pay for necessities not covered by food stamps. I need to get my own place however the cost of moving and everything else is beyond my means. I am unable to work as the children are a 24/7 responsibility, however if I could get a car, and a place to live and have my health checked etc, I know I could get a job. and be okay, all I need is a break, not sure I have had the children for 11 months now and there is no end in sight currently, I am 52 and love them very much and want to provide them with a safe and happy environment. If you can find it in your heart to help I would be very grateful.

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