Johnna Amos

Help Johnna Amos

Amount Requested: $ 5000

Location: Teague

State: TX

Zip: 75860

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About Johnna

Hi my name is johnna Amos. I am a mother of 6 beautiful children, I am married to a wonderful man who has taking the responsibility of being a father to all of my children and only one is ours together . I have a 21 yr old a 19yr old a 15 yr old a 12 yr old an 11 yr old and a 5 yr old. My 11,and 12 yr old children are both disabled. They both have moderate to severe cerebral palsy and are both wheelchair bound. 2 years ago my 19 yr old daughter was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. This is schizophrenia and bipolar mixed together. In the past yr she has been hospitalized for trying to commit suicide. She has been living with my mother for the past 2 yrs attending college. Which has become very difficult for her to do with her disorder and it is very hard for my mother to deal with this on her own. I live 4 hours away and it is very hard for me to get there to help because we have no money. My 12 yr old has been diagnosed with 2 dislocated hips do to his cerebral palsy which is gonna require surgery which also requires lots of doctors visits in turn requires lots of gas money. My eleven yr old also with cerebral palsy is having stomach issues which requires GI visits. Plus they both require dr visits for cerebral palsy itself. I have a lot on my plate and no money to do it. At this time I’m trying to find a home close to my mother and 19 yr old dr so I can be there to help with her and her disorder. But with no money it is impossible. I work almost everyday but I get paid minimum wage and most the time I only work a few hours a day so I might bring home 400 a month which is not enough to take care of my family. Yes I get ssi for my two children with cerebral palsy but even with that it is not enough for us to afford a nice safe home for our children. The home we live in now is falling apart and the land lord won’t fix it. And I pay way too much a month for it. I have to ask for help every single month. Which I hate. My husband has been looking for work for a very long time he has put in applications everywhere and hasn’t gotten a call back yet. I just need some help getting my family into a safe home close to my daughter and in an area with more job opportunities for me and my husband. Any hel would be greatly appreciated.

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