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Kassidy Lawrence

Single parent with one daughter who lives with me. We currently have been living in Chateau Deville and it just keeps getting worse. They cover up mold white paint and we have had someone open our win

Request created on 2018-02-04 21:18:20

Help Kassidy of Alexandria, LA

I do not feel safe in this place. The fact that someone opened a locked window scared me because what if I wasn’t awake and he couldn’t have hurt my daughters. The manager is so unprofessional and could care less about fixes the problems in your apartment. We used to live on another side of the apartment and a man caught his house on fire above us and it was ruining all our couch’s. it took her 2 weeks to put us into another apartment. We had to keep putting buckets everywhere to keep the water off of our stuff. It was all over the floor so we had to use all the towels to clean it up. But it was constantly dripping water for a week. I was diagnosed with stage 4 Liver disease in 2015. It has been tough these past few years. If my daughters gets a job they will make me pay full rent and I just can’t afford that.

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