Chameria Easterling

Help Chameria Easterling

Amount Requested: $ 800

Location: Jackson

State: MS

Zip: 39209

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About Chameria

Hey How Are You , My Name Is Chameria Easterling , Im 25 Years Old , Im From Jackson Ms & I Moved Into My First Apartment Of June 3rd ,2019 & My Lease Is Up On June Of 2020 , Its Been Very Hard On Me , I Get A Ssi Check Once A Month & Its Gone In 2 Days , I Receive Food Stamps Of $137 & It Does Not Last Long , I Have 3 Cats That I Love & I Do Not Want To Get Rid Of My Babies , We Barely Make It Through The First Half Of The Month Until We Are Struggling Again , I Have To Pay My Light Bill , Rent , Cable & Internet , Cat Food , Litter , I Help My Mom Which Is Sick With Lupas , I Have To Buy Personal Items , I Dont Have Many Clothes , I Have One Pair Of Shoes , Its Hard To Do Anything For Myself Anymore , Ive Gotten So Behind On My Light Bill To Pay Other Bills & Take Care Of My Cats , I Wish I Would Have Just Stayed Where I Was , But I Know I Couldnt Because I Was In A Serious Domestic Relationship & That Lead To Me Getting My Very First Apartment Of My Own In My Life , I Was Happy When I First Got My Apartment , Now Im Lost Again & Dont Know What To Do , If Any One In This World Can Find It In There Hearts To Help Me Get My Light Bill Down , I Swear To God I Would Be So Grateful & I Swear I Will Pay You Every Dime Back , It Will Take Some Time But I Promise I Will , Thanks So Much In Advance , I Pray Someone Can Help Me

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