Mary Loveland

Help Mary Loveland

Amount Requested: $ 3000

Location: Argonia

State: KS

Zip: 67004

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About Mary

I am a single mother looking to move so I can attend college program that will better the life of my children and myself. The town I am trying to get to has a college with the program I am wanting to learn and use for the future. Where I live now I have no resources to help my family or myself. I am disabled but currently lost it and now I have no income to support my family, make repairs to my home, gas to appointments I need to attend to. I am unsure how I will be able to pay bills and I stress everyday. I pray at night that I am given the tools to succeed, so I may one day not live like this. My kids deserve to live in a healthier environment so they can grow to be stable adults and I pray for them they never have to ask strangers for money or struggle this hard. I am thankful for the SNAP program that allows us to eat during this time period. I want to show my kids that given a situation no matter how hard it is, there is always a way and you are never stuck in it. With hard work, dedication, discipline, and some grit, you can make things better and turn your life to better things. I have not always made the best decisions but I have always work hard to better my situations.

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